Witchcraft Classes

Magic & Witchcraft 101

  • Course description: This course is for people who are starting out in their journey, are overwhelmed with all of the information available to them online, and doesn’t know where to start and/or how. Magic & Witchcraft 101 teaches the basic history and fundamentals of magic and witchcraft including an overview of various Western occult traditions, how to research effectively, and will address common misconceptions about various practices and traditions. You will also learn what to look for in a teacher or a tradition as well as what red flags to watch out for in groups and teachers. This course will also cover foundational skills and practices, plus discuss ethical practices including cultural appropriation and what a closed tradition is. Note: this course will not be teaching spellwork but instead will be focused on learning the basics before one takes up a practice. This course will include video lectures and discussion in a Google classroom.
  • Cost: $50 and will run for about 12 weeks. Patreon members get discounts at tiers 2, 3, and 4.