For people looking for witchcraft and psychic development classes to help them with their practice! Available for all levels.

All lessons for the classes are in the form of pre-recorded closed captioned videos that come with transcripts. Discussions on the classwork will take place in threaded topics within a private Google classroom. There are NO live classes or videos in order to accommodate both schedules and time zones.

Each class runs for about 11-13 weeks with each lesson posted to the Google classroom weekly.

Classes are $50 each with discounts available for Patreon members. Class cycles occur about three times per year. Next cycle will begin March or April 2024.

Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Schedule:

Nov 6 Registration and payment due
Nov 13 – Classes start
Nov 27 – Break for Thanksgiving/National Day of Mourning for Native Americans (US)
Dec 11 – Classes resume
Dec 25 – Break for winter holidays
Jan 1 – Break for New Year
Jan 8 – Classes resume
Feb 26 – Classes end

Any questions? Feel free to reach out.

Classes available:

Psychic Development classes
Witchcraft classes