Student Code of Conduct

Students must adhere to everything written within this code of conduct. If a student happens to ignore/break any of these, it may lead to expulsion of said student. 

  • Students will not “out” other students/instructor and will respect the privacy of their classmates and instructor.
    • Do NOT share screenshots, videos, or materials from class outside of class with people who are not in the class. This includes class discussions.
    • Do NOT share the personal information of other students or things said in class discussions by them without their explicit permission. See the Student Privacy Policy on specifics.
  • Students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, free from harassment and/or discrimination. No harassment or trolling behavior will be tolerated.
  •  Students are responsible to comply with copyright law, which protects written works, recorded works, computer programs and other forms of expression.
  •  Students will respect the boundaries placed by Tea Addicted Witch in regards to both the availability for contact as well as respecting boundaries of their peers.
    • In general, you can expect a reply within 24 hours during the week and within 48 hours during the weekend/holidays. Check your current syllabi for the contact policy and contact your instructor if you have any questions. Also please be mindful that not everyone is in the same time zone as you.
  •  Also, students must abide by the Student Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, and Terms of Service.
  • Tea Addicted Witch is a professional/drama free provider of classes and information, which means you should act professional and treat everyone with respect.